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The shipping totally relies on the location and delivery date. A normal pick up time can take up to a week. This also depends on the shipping carrier if he is close to the location or your place comes under its route. Expect an earlier pick up if you are opting an open trailer. They will reach you as soon you come in their radar. It is because a carrier will not only take your vehicle but have other cars to pick up and move too.

To ensure everything go clean and nice, you might be asked to show documentation  of car such as insurance, registration and other related paper work. This can be easier for driver to proof at the inspection of security checks.

There is no element of risk when transporting your car, as it all goes safe and under protection. Our team is made up of professionals who can handle different situations and keep your vehicle at minimum risk.  There is also an insurance policy to provide coverage for any damage. Before getting your vehicle delivered it is recommend to check it perfectly for dents, scratches or damages so that it could be claimed later.

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Auto Shipping America – “A one step transportation solution”

Do you want to transport your car to long distance from your home? You may then need to choose Door to Door Auto shipping Service by Auto Shipping America. We offer enclosed and open Car Shipping. We also offer a professional and experienced staff, competitive prices and of course, a trouble-free Vehicle Shipping process.

If you are a trader, you would be seeking a good price and a reliable car shipping. A company that can give you Car Transport services to and from all states. Auto Shipping America will provide you cheap Car Transport Rate, whether you are a wholesaler, buyer or moving to other state. You can select Auto Shipping America and make a good choice of proven customer service, and the best rate too.

Shipping your car a long distance by yourself may be expensive and exhausting. With our expert Vehicle Transport company you can save money as well as time. We don’t have any hidden fee, and will ship your car to a place where you want it.

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Sometimes higher prices leaves a customer thinking and just thinking. Seems like finding an acceptable price deal becomes difficult to break.

We are full service auto transport company offering you a custom quote in just seconds to ship your cars, vehicles and automobiles. We have our shipping fully licensed and bonded with vehicle transport companies.

 Customer needs to fill out a form of information and wait until we calculate you an authentic quotation. This is offered free of cost and no advancement payment is taken until delivered.

 Carrier Types

We know what a customer demands therefore we have arranged it accordingly.
All the shipping companies have categorized their carriers into two types. A client have a choice to select a carrier according to his will. The demand for enclosed trailers have always been less than that of open trailer. This is a fact by keeping in record of all the shipping companies. Those with inexpensive cars would generally prefer to get facilitated by an open carrier. Enclosed trailer have higher rates and given priority for luxury and classic cars.
There is another category in open trailers which is flatbed. They are generally an open trailer with no sides and is just like a flat trolley connected to tractor. The work for all the carriers is same, only priorities matter.
Precaution Before Shipping Your Vehicle
Car shipping requires few safety measures to ensure every things goes trouble free and managed.
Make sure you clean your car and remove all the fleeting spare parts. Also, remove all the extra stuff and and your belongings once you give it away for shipping.
 It is also necessary to run down your gasoline tank and keep it below the 1/4th level. Moreover, checking for leaks will highly improve the safety as the distance of several miles can be problematic.
Never forget to disable car safety alarm. This will obviously keep your car alerting unnecessarily all the way and will frequently irritate the driver. It is suitable to note the car’s condition before shipping and take pictures all the minor and major dents or scratches.
Our Insurance Policy
Like all other auto shippers, we provide basic insurance as maintained by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. According to law any shipping company have to provide a certain level of insurance to cover any unconditional damage. There is a large ratio of customer who are satisfied with the provided insurance and doesn’t go for anything additional.
Usually for the owners of sport and luxury cars , insurance is raised. They can pay extra for increasing insurance and being on the safe side. It is always better to pay extra then to suffer later.
 Delivery Types
Not all the shipping companies offer what we do. Most of the people are comfortable with a terminal to terminal delivery. It is a suitable service when the terminal is with in your reach and have enough time to collect from there. We give our consumer an additional service of delivering your vehicle at your door step. Not many companies will provide you with this option. We know how important this could be for some clients and automatically selects this until you change according to your need.
Door to door delivery will slightly cost you greater than a standard delivery but will keep you worry free. There are areas where providing this facility becomes impossible. This is because some areas include steeper and hilly regions and packed passage casing problem for over sized trailers.
Where do we stand in the Industry?
With our uninterruptible  services for more than 10 years we have gained a valuable place in the industry. Our experience can prove you that we are no less than any other well known shipping company. With an average of 87,000,000 miles covered, we have shipped almost 13000 cars. It is a great achievement when your work is complain free and highly professional.

Satisfying Results

We have a proven track record of providing customers satisfaction. For us, work commitment matters the most. All we do is to make sure none of our shipment reaches with an unsatisfactory result. Our ambition is to keep the demand high and service at it’s best.
You can be the one to avail all this and rate us, all you need is to reach us.

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Over 42,000 dedicated employees, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, deliver operational excellence.

Miles Covered
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